Progress Report, 1/9 – 1/15

Have to say, this last week was below average. I read a 22-page Justice League comic book story, in Hungarian, and compared 1½ other Justice League stories which I’d read the week before to the original English. I did have a couple of medical appointments to deal with, but it’s still less than I should have accomplished. I’m particularly disappointed that I did so little this weekend. Checking my understanding of the Hungarian to the original text shouldn’t have taken too long, but I only got through about half a story. I should do more.

I noticed that at one point the translator changed “the last survivor of a noble Martian race” to “egy kihalt, nemes faj utolsó képviselője a mars bolygóról”, (roughly) “the last representative of an extinct, noble race from the planet Mars”. I’m not a good judge of Hungarian style, so maybe the sentence does sound better that way, but it looks to me like the translator decided to change “survivor” to “representative”, then had to make other changes to compensate. Not at all sure that was the best choice.

My goal for next week is to finish the Justice League comparison, then start on Margit Kaffka’s The Anthill. (I said in my last post that I was going to switch to The Years of Maria, but then I remembered that my paper copy of The Years of Maria is thick and bulky, while my copy of The Anthill is thin and light. And both sound equally good.)

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