Me vs. Google, Round 1

When I can’t find a word in any of my dictionaries, I’ll often Google it to see if I can find a definition or some other context. Doesn’t always work. And when I try Google Translate on a passage, well, maybe it will be helpful, but more often it will go like this:

My text:

It belonged to the Archbishop of Esztergom, but the king lives there now, since there is no Archbishop. They say that the Pope will not appoint anyone. Because the King wants one thing, the Pope another. Who the hell knows. The great lords squabble just like us common folk. Who the hell knows…

Google Translate:

It was the archbishop of Esztergom, but the king lives because there is no archbishop. It is said that the pope does not give arsenal. Because the king wants something else, the pope is something else. You know hell. The gentlemen are just as fools as the middle class. Do you know hell …

Points: me.

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