The Violet, Day 23

Director. And yet, you will become humbler. I say, let us suppose that you appeal to me. Well, then, now what will you do with the director?

Ilonka. I will declare that I love you.

Director. And if he then fires me?

Ilonka. He will never fire you, because he’ll hope that I will someday deceive you.

Director. He will hope that? Why will he hope that?

Ilonka. Because that’s how I will appear, and how you will appear.

Director. Unprecedented corruption.

Ilonka. You are all corrupt. Straightaway you misunderstand a person. I may appear to be an alluring little wild violet, but if you examine my morals, you will discover that I am a true pearl.

A bit over two pages today. I’m getting a bit weary of words that appear in no dictionary. I have a meat soup with “bri”, which could be lamp (bárány, birka), wine (bor), maybe dumplings, who knows. I don’t like guessing and I don’t like not knowing. Oh well, I’m getting close to the end, and maybe things will become clearer when I read the existing translation.

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